Case Study - Contact Management  

In today's information rich environments it is a constant struggle for organisations to have an up to date phone book application that can utilise information from multiple sources in one central location. 
As part of our innovative approach to customer challeges, Sharing Minds have developed a unique phone book application that addresses this problem utilising  your directory service (Active Directory or Azure AD) as well as encapsulating non-directory persons in your phone book allowing you to include your contracts, suppliers, or customers as needed.
This provides your organisation with a central contract register (aka Phone Book) to find the name, contact details, manager, photo or any number of items of information about the user.

Download the full case study.

Case Study - Meeting Manager

Meeting rooms are an essential part of business operation and managing a room, its resources and invites for everyone can be a complex and sometimes ever changing matter.  To help with this, Sharing Minds have developed a meeting room solution based on SharePoint that can integrate with your Microsoft Exchange environment to help you manage your rooms from a single portal location as needed.

Download the full case study.

Case Study - Policy Management

Each and every organisation requires many different policies to ensure that their organisation runs smoothly and works within a standard and cultural framework.  As most administrators will tell you, creation, disseminating, updating and retiring policies and procedures take a lot of time and effort and can cost a lot of money.

To help streamline this process, Sharing Minds have used Microsoft SharePoint technology in order to create a policy management application that creates a centralised policy repository for creation and processing policies (using custom workflows) and then a delivery service to ensure the policy appears in the right areas of your network at the right time.

Download the full case study.