Review and Discovery Services

Strategic Review

The Strategic Review is designed to provide a review of your projects, objectives and technology, helping to map and validate your approach. This, coupled with the inclusion of consulting time with our team of subject matter experts, will provide a great starting point, and at the same time aid in implementing the basics and simplifying your current IT environment.

Our Strategic Review focuses on the following core areas

  1. Platform Analysis - Review of your selected/deployed platform

  2. Application Configuration - Build an understanding of the application (i.e. SharePoint), how it is configured and what settings are affecting its performance

  3. Security Profile - Review the current or required security configuration

  4. Architecture - Determine what structure is required, including the definition of other application/systems the project solution will integrate with

  5. Disaster Recovery - Review the current business continuity strategy

  6. Support and Maintenance - Recommendations for the ongoing operation of your project solution over the long term

The Strategic Review and Recommendations Report will include the full results of outcomes from review and recommendations for meeting stated project outcomes

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Deep Dive Review

The Deep Dive Discovery exercise is a purpose-built, detailed review of your Microsoft SharePoint environment. The review is designed to comprehensively analyse each component of the environment and define its use within the business objectives defined by you.

The Deep Dive Discovery Review will focus on the following core areas:

  1. SharePoint farm technical discovery

  2. Active Directory configuration

  3. Microsoft SQL server configuration

  4. Connected applications, security and add-in discovery

  5. System and application log analysis

  6. Stakeholder and subject matter expert requirements/Q&A

  7. Change in the technical configuration of your environment to allow access in a federated business model (i.e. allowing one of their subsidiaries to be able to access content in their CAG environment)

  8. Detailed report covering configuration and discovered issues

  9. Recommendations, roadmap framework and next steps

Upon completion of the review, a Deep Dive Review and Recommendations Report will be generated, which will outline the discovered structure of the SharePoint farm and its associated applications, along with a series of recommendations and/or priority changes needed within the SharePoint environment.

A presentation to your Executive Team will be delivered, summarising the findings and outcomes of the Deep Dive Discovery.

Migration Discovery

Our Migration services consist of an initial fixed price engagement with an aim to provide full discovery of the technical environment and migration strategy, along with providing a scope and sizing for actual migration effort. The discovery phase is followed by a time and materials engagement to perform the actual migration tasks. The Migration Discovery Review is designed to take a detailed look at each component of the the environment and define its use within the business objectives defined by you, and to confirm the appropriate migration strategy and approach.

The Migration Discovery Review will focus on the following core areas:

  1. SharePoint farm technical discovery

  2. Content discovery and sizing

  3. Application dependencies

  4. Third party and custom solution package dependencies

  5. Content and information exception processes

  6. Detailed report of configuration and discovered issues

  7. Recommendations, roadmap framework and next steps

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