Find an Information Management Partner that Understands the 'Why' of Your Organisation

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In my role, a lot of my time is spent with senior executives discussing Information Management, Business Process and how to better engage users within their organisation.  Unfortunately, more often than not, this is then followed by conversations around failed SharePoint installations.

I see this growing frustration from senior executives as they struggle to engage with so called experts, where the focus is primarily on the technology that is SharePoint, and less around the business objectives - understanding the 'why'.

If the why can be understood, then the how becomes a lot clearer, and with that comes an outcome that is more closely aligned to the customers’ expectations and requirements.

A quality information management partner should take the time to understand your why.  Take the time to create an environment that is not only functional but is also engaging to your people.  Take the time to understand how your people work, what tools they use on a daily basis and how you can use SharePoint as a platform to fundamentally improve the day to day work experience of your teams.

A quality partner will take the time to find the champions in the business.  Find the people whose roles are affected day to day and use those people to create internal champions that will build the foundation of a platform that is relevant and engaging.

With the consumerisation of IT and a new generation of users coming up through the ranks, it’s critical that we build solutions that not only align to the goals of the organisation but also allow users to work how they want, when they want and where they want.

SharePoint is such a powerful platform and with the right engagement framework, the right implementation process and the right user engagement, it can truly transform the way in which your business operates.

So, what's your why?

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