Why is more important than What!
When it comes to the process of implementing a new technology solution in your organisation, it is important to know your drivers, along with the required outcomes, prior to looking for a solution or implementing a product.
Sharing Minds has worked with many different businesses over the years, in many industry sectors, and in every case our approach has been to understand the 'Why?' of the project.  This in turn drives the discovery and design requirements of the system, and ultimately leads to an implementation that is based upon a solid "business needs" foundation.  In other words, our solutions are designed to wrap around, and underpin your business process, not the other way around.  This generates a solution outcome that is stronger, more accepted and has higher user engagement and organisation acceptance.

Building a Requirements Definition
When you're looking down the barrel of a new project, it can be difficult to ensure that the right solution platform has been selected, that stakeholder requirements are correctly defined or that user expectations are quantified. 

Helping you through this, Sharing Minds offers all our clients a FREE 2 HOUR WORKSHOP to help define and assess the requirements of your project.  This is provided with no obligation to your organisation and assists all parties to better understand and visualise the potential solution. 

What Type of Solution do you need?
Over the years we have created many types of solutions for many different types of organisations.  Each solution is different and requires that the approach is right for your business.

It may be that you are looking for a platform to build a solution around the few moving parts that are already in place.  Alternatively, you may be looking to build something from scratch.  Either way, Sharing Minds can assist you to put a solution in place that takes advantage of your organisations' intellectual property. 

Some of the solutions that Sharing Minds has implemented for large and small business alike include:
•    Meeting Room and Booking Systems
•    Phone and Staff Directory
•    Electronic Document and Records Management
•    Enterprise Search Solutions
•    Risk and Compliance Management
•    Custom Theme Packages
•    Process and Workflow Development

All of our solutions also include our 'Sharing Minds Toolbox', a set of tools designed to minimise the effort and cost of implementing some common platform functions.

To get more of an idea of Sharing Minds' solutions capabilities, take a look at our company portfolio where you will find a number of client case studies, along with a list of our partners.

Sharing Minds can help you design and put in place the right solution for your business. Start with platform components for the right solution, and take the pressure off your budget.