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Beautifully designed intranets and portals to drive business adoption

We specialise in producing exceptional intranet solutions that have innovative functionality and responsive UI design that will drive collaboration, improve processes, increase compliance and help everyone feel like part of the team.

Since 2008, we’ve guided businesses through the process of creating an intranet, challenging the idea that it is simply an information dumping ground, to it being your digital business ecosystem. By leveraging the most powerful collaboration tools such as SharePoint and Office 365, your intranet will be a dynamic, personalised and social platform, exceeding user expectations and being a place that employees intuitively turn for their vital tools.

Beyond the technology

By clearly understanding the purpose and audience of your intranet, you can build the functionality you need to create a powerful and connected platform.

However, by taking the next logical step and incorporating simple design and aesthetic principles on top of these tools, your users will experience increased usability, will see intuitive placement of key information and will appreciate the softer cultural impact that develops when a sense of community is felt on the intranet.

Create your ideal workplace

The intranet software we use is simple, powerful and easily extendable, enabling you to create your ideal workplace. We can create beautiful sites and pages for you with these three tools:

  1. SharePoint (Classic and Modern)

  2. LiveTiles Design

  3. Wizdom

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