the sharing minds core values: our why?

The core idea behind Sharing Minds is connectivity.  Yes, we connect people to their information, but it’s more than that.  There’s connectivity in teamwork, in sharing, in relationships and in achievement.  And we’re proud to provide software and services that enhance connectivity in organisations across Australia and abroad.

Our values help us to create work that our customers believe in, and a company that our stakeholders can trust.  These values also help ground us, so we always recognise that there’s more to be done.


WOW the Customer

The Core Value to rule them all.  At Sharing Minds, we delight in going the extra mile and taking a little extra care just so we can have the chance to hear a breathless, ‘WOW’.  This ethos extends to our Partners – if we’re recommending a service, we want to be able to trust they’ll treat you as we would.


Operate with Excellence

We are committed to excellence.  Excellence in development. Excellence in customer service.  Excellence in making the coffee.  Ever had a less-than-average coffee?  Did you recommend it to your friends? 

Our staff are determined to stay close to the core idea of the business – connectivity – and to always push toward excellence.  We need to continually evolve our thinking and embrace change, especially with our ever-increasing expectations of technology.  It’s our desire to see your organisation lit up with excitement over the possibilities that technology can deliver.  And that you’ll recommend us to your friends.


Act with Urgency

There is no time like the present.  Why wait to deliver an incredible outcome?  And if there’s bad news, we believe that keeping clear lines of communication can only help solve the issue. 

Our focus as IT professionals, is to understand the impact that technology has and what it can help people achieve.  We need to be raising the visibility of what a job well done can look like.  And what true connectivity feels like.


Treat People with Respect

Relatable, achievable innovation is just a ‘what if?’ away, and to encourage our employees to reach further, to explore more intensely, and repeatedly ask ‘why not?’, we seek to elevate the level of respect and accountability in the workplace.  We are all personally accountable for the standard of honesty and integrity within Sharing Minds. 

Our customers are our number one priority, and when there’s mutual respect and trust between Consultant and Client, that’s when the magic happens. 


Be the Visionary not the Follower

Of course everyone is asked to be passionate about their job, but we also encourage our staff to bring their outside passions in to the team.  We believe that any healthy community is comprised of all sorts, and we want to attract staff who aren’t going to be ‘just the IT guy’.  Want to be the next Bill Gates, Cathy Freeman or Steven Spielberg?  Start with an excellent mindset and push your personal capacity.  What’s truly possible?  And what can you help others achieve?


If these Values resonate with your own, please reach out and chat with us about employment with Sharing Minds.