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Don’t underestimate the value of change management on a project

When an organisation implements new technologies it usually involves changing processes and the way people work. This can be a confronting and challenging time for staff and by increasing the involvement of key staff during the project it can assist in the transition from the current into the new state. Studies have proven that investing in a structured approach that can positively influence staff, can lower change resistance and assist organisations in helping projects succeed.


Our approach

Our approach to Change Management is to combine standard Change Management techniques with training and adoption services. We work alongside management and key project stakeholders to understand the strategic business objectives, build out a change management plan and clearly outline how the project will proceed. We build use cases and personas as part of the analysis of what communications and training should be included to help the project succeed.

The four key phases of our change management methodology are:

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  1. Assess: Understand the level of change to the organisation and the effect the project will have.

  2. Design: Build a Change Management, Communications and Training Plan.

  3. Implement: Involve key staff, communicate updates and deliver training to the organisation.

  4. Measure: Analyse and reflect on the results of the change management initiatives at project completion.


Change Management

When working with our customers we categorise our change management activities into three areas:

1. Individual
2. Organisational/Initiative
3. Enterprise

These levels are important to categorise as they have different requirements for each of the change management activities. Personas, communications, training courses, emails and updates can then be tailored appropriately for the respective audiences.

Being included in the Change Champion program allowed me to contribute to the final solution.
— OHS Manager

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