We are thrilled to welcome a new player to the Sharing Minds side, who brings a whole new level of expertise and excellence to the Team.  Andrew brings over 10 years of experience in designing and delivering solutions in the Microsoft space, in both the UK and Australia.

With a business focused and humanistic view of information systems, Andrew was acutely aware of the potential of the Microsoft platform early in his journey with the Microsoft SharePoint ecosystem.  Andrew's strongly held view is that information environments, particularly those that support productivity and collaboration, should be designed to be flexible, able to grow and change with the needs of enterprises as they utilise the platform over time.  Designing and planning environments of this nature requires a strong emphasis on understanding the business, the nature of the challenges to be addressed and the ability to guide and support organisations through the change that comes with transforming the way business is done.

When asked about his decision to join the Sharing Minds team, Andrew explained, "I met with CEO Damien Neale a number of times to make sure that I was the right fit for the team and the company -- I think the intention was for these meetings to be interviews, but each time we ended up in deep discussions on the Microsoft roadmap, how clients could extract value from the new world of offerings and where we anticipated challenges along the way.  It didn't take long for me to determine that I shared a similar vision to the team and I was drawn to prospect of getting involved and helping to shape the company and its customer's success".

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Published by: Sharing Minds Communications Dept.
Date:  Monday, 20 March 2017
Contact:  1300 611 359