Our Corporate Challenge Day Out!

Recently the team at Sharing Minds spent a day out and about in Brisbane working on their teamwork and most importantly having some fun.  As part of our 10 Year Anniversary we thought it was time to down tools for a day and spend some quality time with the people that have helped grow the company over the years.

The team kicked off by jumping in a couple of maxi taxis and heading down to the Botanical Gardens in Brisbane for a series of corporate challenges and team building exercises, hosted by Corporate Challenge.

Our mission for the day:  Earn clues through the exercises and Find the Fugitive!

It could be anyone, they could be anywhere and they will not be too keen to be found. So the challenge is set and the only question that your team should have on their mind is, “Who is the Corporate Challenge Fugitive and where are they currently hiding?”

Sharing Minds - Corporate Challenge1


The Grid

The first event was a memory test where a map was drawn out for people to navigate their way across a large 64 square grid. Scattered around the grid were 'bomb squares' that resulted in that team losing a point if a step was placed out of the safe path.

Some of the teams photographic memories played a key part in completing this challenge successfully, and earning their first clue to the identity of the Fugitive.

Sharing Minds - Corporate Challenge2


Accuracy Sling

The second challenge was a catapult based ball challenge where half of the team had to launch a tennis ball across a field and the other half of the team had to catch it. Teams went at it for three rounds with lots of hilarious attempts and launching (and catching) of the balls.  Teams who caught 30 or more balls received another clue.

Sharing Minds - Corporate Challenge3


Street Scrabble

The third challenge of the day tested our creativity with a game of Street Scrabble where each team had to assemble the highest scoring word with a series of photos with the starting letter. Teams took off around the park taking their photos, with the winning word turning out to be Quizzaciously (which means in a mocking manner), with 13 photos showing each letter spelled out in order.


Secret Message

The second last challenge of the day was to correctly deliver a message without speaking or gesturing over a 30 metre gap between teams. Needless to say there was plenty of arm flailing and bad charades as teams tried to convey a secret message to the other half or their team. 

They say communication is key in business, but after seeing this challenge I'm even more convinced that it is :)


Find the Fugitive

Lastly each team took off into the Brisbane CBD Mall to try and find the secret fugitive who was hidden amongst the public. Once teams were bold enough to ask a stranger, "Are you the Corporate Challenge Fugitive?" she provided a series of clues that resulted in a mad dash from the Mall down to the local English pub to complete the afternoon's activities.

The winning team was presented with a solid gold 24 carat medallion/Zirconia as a token of their team work and overall skill during the day.

Sharing Minds - Corporate Challenge4


Dinner and Drinks

The final part of the day was a team dinner at the well-known Breakfast Creek Hotel, where the team and partners gathered for a feast and some drinks.

I would like to thank each and every one who attended (and those that couldn't make it) for their hard work, patience and dedication to the business and our new direction.

Here's looking forward to another 10 years of growth and success in helping our customers businesses grow and succeed!

Sharing Minds - Breakfast Creek Hotel1
Ben Creamer - Sharing Minds