Celebrating a decade of Sharing Minds

A decade of Sharing Minds

We're delighted to reach an amazing milestone this month—ten years of Sharing Minds.

Some of you may know this already, but I’ve been really looking forward to our 10th company anniversary.  Not that I don’t look forward to every anniversary, but 10 years seems like a pretty solid investment.  We’ve tried a lot of things, met a lot of incredible people, and pushed further than I honestly thought possible.

And yet, it’s only just begun.  There are young green leaves of new growth appearing.  We’re excited about some new innovative agreements being made, about fresh staff kicking up dust clouds and generally morphing the place into a new beast.  And I couldn’t be more excited to be doing all this with the great team I have by my side.

A few people we’d like to thank for their reliability, integrity and friendship:

  • Our faithful Team
    • In order of longest serving: Ian, Rob, William, Liv, Mark, Ari, Alan, Birgitta, Carlos, Leo, Jordan, Shannon, Mark C, Florina and James
    • Their significant others, their kids, their support crew
    • And although we’ve had some staff move on to fresh opportunities, we’d still like to thank you for your amazing contributions to our success.  We would not be here without you.
  • Our Partners in business
    • All of the team at Microsoft offices in Brisbane and Melbourne, we talk to you all the time and are better for it
    • Kara Mills of Interactive
    • Peter Heydon of Data#3
    • Karl Redenbach, Peter Nguyen-Brown, Nick Rameka, Owen Brandt and Damien Neale of LiveTiles
    • Jonty Collins, Pradip Mashru and Isobel Shurley of AvePoint (hope your new bub is sleeping well, Izzy!)
    • The Canadian team over at Sharegate
    • Christian Lucarelli and Amy Degnan of Nintex
    • Mike Power, Nick Browne and Mike Mitchell of MOQ Digital
    • Pete O’Gorman of AI Brisbane
    • Darrell Margerison and Gary Staples of D&G Solutions
    • Joe Ciancio of Maxsum Consulting
  • My General Manager, Ben Creamer.  Stay stronger and smarter than me.  Or at least, keep telling me you are.
  • My wife, Olivia and my two amazing kids, Jeremiah and Faith.  Sharing Minds is brighter and richer for having your hearts in this with mine.

A few things we’re buzzing about in our tenth year:

  • We’re excited about investing in our team, achieving more certifications and qualifications to be supremely proud of.  (The game is ON, guys)
  • Making our branding count.  We’re a young consulting company, by a lot of standards, but our incredible team keeps smashing expectations and spreading our fame. 
  • We’re loving our new office space on the Brisbane city fringe, with its dedicated team spaces and recreation areas.  Who knew a simple office could invigorate and hold so much promise?
  • More opportunities to give back.  In the past we’ve quietly sponsored local events and donated to charities that have held a special place in our hearts.  Here’s to making more of a difference in the lives of sick kids, homeless families, and those who need a little extra hope.
Adam Clark - Sharing Minds

Here's to another decade!