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Sharing Minds Instructor - training services

At Sharing Minds we design, build and deliver a range of solutions that empower users to do their best work, with tools based on familiar platforms.  Once we deliver your solution, we know the job still isn’t quite done – as the people who support and use the solution still need to be trained.

Sharing Minds is pleased to announce our suite of Office 365 Training Services, available broadly from June 2018.  These services are designed to complement your technology and solutions, demonstrating real examples to increase user understanding and inspire innovative ways to use Office 365.

Would your team benefit from an instructor-led course or presentation, with real demonstrations from your own Office 365 environment?  Time spent with our instructors will help your staff embrace their new solution, and deliver the value we know is possible.


Courses include:

Office 365 Training Services - Sharing Minds
Introduction to Office 365, Introduction to SharePoint Online, Introduction to Microsoft Teams, Introduction to Microsoft Flow, Introduction to Microsoft PowerBI, Introduction to Microsoft OneDrive, Introduction to Microsoft Forms, Introduction to Microsoft PowerApps.

Booking guidelines:

  • Training sessions can be procured individually or in groups, and the minimum booking is a half day timeslot.
  • Training is conducted on your Office 365 environment and Administrative rights are required on a demo tenancy or Site Collection.
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Click to open full brochure.


To find out more on our Training Services, please contact or call 1300 611 359


Published by:   Sharing Minds Communications Dept
Date:   Tuesday, 29 May 2018
Contact:   1300 611 359