Sharing Minds is delighted (and ever so slightly scared) to announce that we’re participating in the 2017 Bridge to Brisbane fun run on Sunday 27 August.  We’ve collected quite a pile of dust as we’ve tipped out our running shoes and started peeling off our winter woollies for a great cause.

This year our fundraiser will be supporting the incredible work of Mercy Community Services in the area of family support. 

Mercy Community Services (MCS) supports a number of young people living with a disability who are unable to live with their parents and families and need specialised supports.

One young person they support – Tom* aged 10 – is unable to live with his family due to the nature of his disability and complex behaviours. He lives on his own in a customised apartment and receives support from MCS professional carers 24/7.

While Tom needs to live in this supported environment away from home, you can probably imagine his sense of loss and isolation at being apart from his parents and siblings.

To ensure Tom can maintain a connection with his family, MCS will work with Telstra Health to develop and install customised assistive and home automation equipment in both Tom’s apartment and his family’s home.

This technology will ensure Tom can regularly communicate with his family. He can utilise this amazing technology to see their faces and hear their voices and know that they’re there for him.

We are delighted to be able to fundraise for Tom and his family – to make such a significant difference in someone’s life with the aid of technology hit us right at our core.  

This technology does of course come at a cost. We need to raise $4,900 to make this happen. If you would like to help us connect Tom with his parents and siblings as he receives the intensive support he needs, please support us through our Bridge to Brisbane 2017 team fundraising.

Your support means Tom will have the best set-up to be able to maintain contact with his family while receiving the support he needs to live his life to his full potential. Please consider donating $20, $50 or simply the cost of one morning coffee to our campaign.

* Name and age has been changed to protect privacy

Published by:  Sharing Minds Communications Dept.
Date:  Thursday, 27 July 2017
Contact:  1300 611 35