Projects Update - June/July 2019

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This past quarter has been a great couple of months for us, with lots of exciting and challenging projects in the works. Here’s a snapshot of the types of solutions we have been delivering for our vast array of clients:

Provision of business process automation assistance to one of our clients through the use of PowerApps and Microsoft Flow. Several departments across the organisation, including HR and Operations are included in the process automation solution and are receiving great improvements in their day-to-day processes as a result. 

This project assisted the client in the governance of Microsoft Teams through the development of scripts in PowerApps to coincide with provisioning of new Teams in Microsoft Teams.

Change management and training services to coincide with the approximately 500-seat organisation’s move from Windows 7 and Office 2016 to Windows 10 and Office 365. The training and change activities will help to ensure this organisation’s staff are able to realise the potential and benefits of their new, powerful workplace technologies.

Development of a complaints form, utilising PowerApps, to help streamline administrative processes for the not-for-profit client.

Training services provided to coincide with the organisation’s roll out of Windows 10 and Office 365. A series of sessions focusing on introductions to Office 365 and Windows 10 were delivered to assist the organisation’s staff in understanding how to use their new technologies to their full potential.

Strategic discovery to determine a roadmap for migrating the client into the cloud, including SharePoint Online and Office 365.

Creation of a SharePoint Online intranet with re-configured and improved search for a not-for-profit organisation. The intranet will be the organisation’s document management system, with automatic metadata tagging incorporated to ensure the file structure system is preserved. All existing documents were migrated into the new document system.

Provided migration services to merge two different organisations on Office 365/LiveTiles utilising ShareGate via scripting. User migration, licensing, infrastructure and content migration were all merged under an agreed roadmap.

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Review of Dynamics 365 CRM to identify and address Outlook synchronisation issues, solution configuration and deployment status.

A custom Microsoft Teams template was designed and developed for use by internal and external related project bodies (guests). The organisation was configured with guest access enabled across the tenancy but only enabled for this workflow approved pathway via Teams/Office 365 Group custom templates, security groups and domain whitelisting. Therefore, the solution required that standard, internally created Teams could not invite guests.

Development of an app utilising PowerApps, to allow for real-time data capture and more accurate information being recorded for the health industry client.

Establishment of new SharePoint 2013 test and production environments, and the migration of content and related material from existing SharePoint 2010 platform.

Creation of a new supply chain site in SharePoint Online integrated with CRM system, with training and change management communications to assist with the roll-out.

Development of a roadmap, detailing how Office 365 could be incorporated and utilised for a large financial organisation.

Designed and implemented several eForms for the client, utilising a combination of Microsoft Forms and PowerApps.

Conducted a Deep Dive Review for the health client, providing recommendations for an improved intranet and a modern collaboration environment which will last the test of time.

A complex form stored as an Excel file was developed as a Nintex Forms and Workflow solution, which allowed far greater consistency of data input and reporting. 200+ manual Excel forms per month stored on file servers could now be created, collated and reported on in one SharePoint Online list. Most of the manual system checking was removed by staff members and users could receive their updated information quickly and effectively.

The last quarter saw the final department of this organisation migrated into SharePoint Online. At the same time, we have readied their controlled documents in their Azure SharePoint environment, and the final migration in this area will commence in the coming weeks. The client has experienced a high level of team member participation and satisfaction with their new SharePoint environment, and the on-site admin team has been fully trained to manage the on-going governance of their site. The next quarter will see the commencement of another phase of the project, as we begin the migration effort with one of their other locations in NSW.

Developed a form and associated workflow for the client, combining SharePoint Modern Framework (SPFX) and Microsoft Flow for the solution.

Assistance provided to help the client prepare for moving into a SharePoint Online Microsoft Teams-based environment. AvePoint will be utilised for the migration, which includes more than 10,000 files over 1GB in size.

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Provision of training and change management services to coincide with an organisation-wide deployment of Skype for Business to enable collaboration and communication across the large, community-oriented client.

Creation of a new modern intranet, moving the government agency client from SharePoint 2007 to SharePoint Online and Office 365. LiveTiles was utilised to improve the user experience of the intranet, and AvePoint’s Cloud Records solution incorporated to ensure the proper governance frameworks are in place for the new intranet.

Redesign of a SharePoint Online intranet, with LiveTiles design features incorporated, for the national transportation client with over 10,000 employees. The new site will allow the organisation’s staff to more effectively work together and connect in real-time.

Design and deployment of a series of Nintex workflows to improve business productivity for the NSW-based financial organisation.

Published by: Sharing Minds Communications Dept.
Publication date: Wednesday, 31 July 2019