A Phone Book Solution for SharePoint

Within many businesses the challenge to provide an up-to-date functional phone book application can be a difficult one.  Common struggles can be as simple as finding clear details in order to get in touch in a timely manner.

Many groups rely on excel spreadsheets and information provided by a mail system (i.e. Outlook) where each user needs to have an account to be continually managed. 

Within the health care industry, this management issue can be compounded where only up to a third of users have a network account, the majority of other staff (doctors, nurses, volunteers, etc.) use a group network login or have no access to the network.


Why use SharePoint?

SharePoint allows us to create solutions and combine separate information sources in order to deliver a single interface for contact information, regardless of its source.

Sharing Minds has developed a 'plug-in' module that enables customers to quickly and easily deploy a functioning and effective 'Phone Book' within their SharePoint environment. This Phone Book module:

  • Provides one interface for the display of all contacts

  • Provides standard interfaces for the management of contacts not stored within the corporate network (i.e. Active Directory)

  • Allows Phone book users to be tagged in other SharePoint functions (i.e. Document Management)


Solution Development

The solution was created to work across the entire environment and maintain contact information on multiple types of contacts, while maintaining security - ensuring that users only see the contacts they are supposed to.

Below is a screenshot of a live Phone Book solution for a national health care provider.

The SharePoint Phone Book in action

The SharePoint Phone Book in action

The solution uses a combination of standard Microsoft SharePoint technology and a small custom built component to manage both non-network and network contacts, ensuring that everyone can be found in one location using one format.

Contact card

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