Get to Know Sharing Minds' Lead Sydney Consultant

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Meghan Kemp joined Sharing Minds in March 2019 as our first Sydney-based Consultant. In joining the team, Meghan has brought with her a wealth of knowledge accumulated from her 15 years in technology consulting across the government, legal, medical, construction, engineering, health and sport sectors. We recently sat down with Meghan to talk about her extensive client-facing, project experience and love of connecting people, which has led her to a career in Microsoft and SharePoint consulting.

Meghan didn’t immediately realise technology would be her calling, setting out initially to pursue a legal career, but after seeing the level of employee burnout in the industry, she turned her hand to coaching her legal teammates to work smarter, not harder, which led her towards the consulting path.

Meghan Kemp, Senior Consultant - NSW

Meghan Kemp, Senior Consultant - NSW


Coaching is a strong theme in both Meghan’s professional and personal lives. Outside of the office, Meghan is a basketball enthusiast, not only playing in the Dulwich Newtown Basketball Div 1 Women’s team, but also coaching young kids starting their basketball journey, and even stepping in as the club’s acting General Manager.

What draws Meghan to basketball is the same as what drives her passion for technology consulting: seeing the ‘a-ha moment’. Whether it be a young kid figuring out the strategy of the game, or a business realising that their SharePoint intranet can be leveraged simultaneously for collaboration, communication and document management. Helping people and businesses realise their full potential, utilising the tools (technology or otherwise) available to them, is a driving force for Meghan.

“I remember being onsite in a previous role where I was helping the company implement a SharePoint site,” she recounts, “the culture in this office was very formal, there was a strict hierarchy and the front-line junior team would NEVER be spoken to by the executives, outside of the annual staff Christmas party. This meant the execs had no idea of the capability of their team or the wealth of untapped knowledge sitting right by them. Once the intranet site was live, these two disparate groups had a shared resource, to communicate and collaborate, which fostered a culture of connection which led to more innovative business processes.”

Why do you love SharePoint?

“I remember attending a conference, maybe nine or ten years ago now, where a demonstration of SharePoint was being shown. I was in awe! Since then, I have been able to see the ability for SharePoint to connect everyone in an organisation, but the platform can still be moulded to fit the purpose and need. The way I see it, SharePoint is the ultimate vehicle for culture, communication and change for a business.”

What’s the best part of living in Sydney?

“My favourite place of all in Sydney is my basketball club in the Inner West, that’s where I feel most at home. But I will never get tired of seeing the magnificent Harbour. I recently flew up to Brisbane to meet the team in the Head office and spend some time onsite with a client. Flying back into Sydney over the Harbour is truly spectacular, no matter how many times you’ve seen it before.”

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