Getting the right support for your environment is an important part of the operation of your organisation.  Finding the balance between effort in-house vs. bringing in specialist support expertise can sometimes be difficult to balance.  To assist your organisation, Sharing Minds has created a number of support packages to work with your organisational processes, delivery outcomes and reporting, as required.

Sharing Minds have a range of different support options, so we could choose which would suit us best, at a price that was lower than hiring a technical resource. We know that there are many moving parts to SharePoint technology, and we value that Sharing Minds stay up to date with maintaining the moving parts so we don’t have to.
— John Granzow, Manager IT, Whitehaven Coal

We understand that different organisations require different types and levels of support. To accommodate this, Sharing Minds offers three types of support packages:

Pre-Purchased Block Hours

Many organisations have a requirement for specialist assistance, but not always a known time frame in which to act.  To help in this area, Sharing Minds have a range of pre-purchased block hour packages ranging from 50 - 200 hours that can be purchased when required.

Managed Support Contracts

Many of our clients have the need for a managed support contract, giving them the peace of mind that their technology systems are well maintained, and if issues do occur, that they are rectified in a timely manner.  Add to this the fact that our managed support contracts cost less than a single full time resource and includes a full responsibility matrix, strict SLA's and access to all of our highly skilled resources, and you can understand why this type of engagement is so popular.

Administrative Support (SharePoint Remote)

As SharePoint technology continues to grow, organisations are investing heavily in the implementation and development of SharePoint.  For many organisations, SharePoint Remote has become business-critical due to the nature of the service and its ability to meet the demands of clients.  Often an organisation will hire specialists to implement and develop SharePoint, yet leave the system maintenance to the organisation’s own staff.  By signing up with SharePoint Remote, expensive internal resources can be reassigned to other business-critical areas, leaving the organisation's SharePoint administrative requirements in the hands of the experts. 

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