Let us help you with your next steps for SharePoint

Sharing Minds recognises that the business climate has recently been quite difficult and that IT budgets have naturally come under scrutiny.  Whilst the economy appears to be improving, businesses are now looking at IT investment to provide demonstrable benefits to justify the expenditure.  Further to this, the increased complexity of IT systems and the introduction of cloud based services require that older implementations be assessed for performance, reliability and security issues.  In order to help your organisation understand the effectiveness of previous investments in SharePoint, and how that investment can deliver improved business benefits, Sharing Minds have crafted a few unique options we think you'll really like.

Introducing the Sharing Minds Tactical SharePoint Review

We will deliver a Tactical SharePoint Review of your existing SharePoint environment along with a series of recommendations including:

1.       Platform Analysis – A look at the platform that's hosting your SharePoint environment to note its capability to support platform upgrades and potential new business outcomes

2.       Application Configuration – Building an understanding of how your SharePoint is operating, to ensure it fits the needs and requirements of the business from day to day

3.       Process Alignment – As organisations change over time, so do processes. We'll perform an analysis of your current processes to ensure your environment is supporting the organisation

4.       Security – Making sure the right people have access to the right information, and also establishing security levels

5.       Disaster Recovery – Understanding the process by which your information within SharePoint is protected or able to be restored

6.       Support and Maintenance – What are the current business and technical support mechanisms in place?  What cost effective ways are there to ensure rapid quality response to system issues and change requests?

Tactical Review Outcomes

  • Results documentation covering the areas of review
  • Highlighting core concerns and/or prominent issues arising within the current deployment.
  • Recommendations for the update of technology components
  • Recommendations for the re-alignment of process

Our offer to you

Our Tactical SharePoint Review covers a number of areas that normal operations and administration do not.  Our fixed price reviews and audits are designed to gather and collate the maximum amount of information in the shortest time possible, and to deliver a series of recommendations, including:

1.       Investigation of the environment

2.       Strategy, discussion and thought leadership from our team of SharePoint experts

3.       Modifications and upgrades to the environment, if required

The Tactical SharePoint Review will be available until 31/12/16.  In addition, you'll receive a free ½ day workshop (valued at $900) with each Review, to assist your organisation with the right way to implement the recommendations.

How to Take Advantage

Contact us today for an obligation free consultation, and see how we can tailor this service to your specific needs.

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The Review must be completed by 31/12/16.

Payment must be made within 14 days of invoice date.

Subject to staff availability.