A key component to our success are the relationships that we have with our Partners.  

We are committed to building trusted partnerships with strategic vendors, systems integrators and bespoke service providers, enabling us to provide high quality, innovative solutions with the best tools available.


BrightWork is a SharePoint project management application that includes a range of best-practice templates and advanced cross-project reporting to deliver immediate visibility and control, with the flexibility to evolve and mature as needed.

BrightWork guarantees greater simplicity for project managers, immediate visibility and control for senior executives, and a path to continuous project management improvement and greater success.

They know that collaborative project management is the way to go, but it’s difficult, and so their mission in life is to help organisations collaboratively manage their projects, to bring them home successfully. Project success is unbelievably important to organisations and it’s important to us.  It really matters to us that our customers are successful with their projects.