No matter what your platform, no matter where you keep your content, Nintex workflow automates your processes, so that everyone along the process can connect, collaborate and keep on working.

A quick overview of the Nintex Platform.


Get more done. With fewer hassles. In less time.

At Nintex, they spend their time and energy making their customers’ work lives better.  And because they make people’s jobs easier, they make their lives easier. From the day-to-day tasks to the most sophisticated business-critical processes, Nintex make people more productive.

When your work flows, you can work on the things that matter

Over the last decade, Nintex's focus has been to build software and cloud-based services that provide powerful, yet easy-to-use capabilities to automate a wide range of processes. With the Nintex Workflow Platform, people are empowered to define the way they want to work, not the way technology forces them to work. Nintex understand that it’s easy to build powerful software, but it’s hard to make powerful software easy.


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