Meet Geoff - our Business Development Manager

Geoff Boddington, Sharing Minds’ new Business Development Manager reveals a little bit of his journey into sales and his time at Sharing Minds so far.

Geoff Boddington, Sharing Minds

“I fell in love with sales because I like to help people. It’s fantastic when you have an amazing team who has your back and the confidence that this brings when you walk into a room filled with executives. When I'm in meetings, I love the penny-drop moment.  Seeing a client's eyes light up when they see the value, the vision, the fact that this WILL make their lives better… that makes it all worthwhile.”

Prior to his appointment at Sharing Minds, Geoff worked for some of Australia’s fastest growing technology companies.  For over a decade he has gained valuable insight, working across data centres, tech start-ups and leading software companies. ‘I have a real passion for helping customers use IT to realise tangible business outcomes.

“Attending the Breakfast Event Series has definitely been a highlight of my time at Sharing Minds so far. I had only been with the team for a couple of weeks before I went along to the Microsoft Teams event co-hosted with AvePoint, so it was an excellent introduction to the Sharing Minds network of clients and partners for me.”

Geoff (on far right) with the Sharing Minds and Nintex teams at a recent breakfast event.

Geoff (on far right) with the Sharing Minds and Nintex teams at a recent breakfast event.

Geoff is based in our Brisbane Head Office but is often out meeting with our wonderful partners and customers. “I get to see behind the scenes, and beyond the days when I’m racing between my seventh and eighth meetings, it's a really funky and invigorating place to work.  It's amazing to watch these stupidly-smart project managers and technologists running around, saving the world.  You might laugh, but in actual fact the work they’re doing every day saves the hypothetical forests of many, many business ecosystems.  It's saving the sanity of users, it’s generating new ideas, and they’re inspiring users to make an impact in their workplaces with some of the amazing tools that Microsoft are bringing out.”


What tips would you share from your first months at Sharing Minds? 

  • If you want someone to believe in you, you've got to put yourself in their shoes.  Being in sales does NOT resemble a one-way street. 

  • Take teamwork to the next level and don't just trust your team but take pride in them - they've got your back, they often know better than you, and you’ll need to know when to let them take over. 

  • And lastly, for now, believe in the power of a cold Friday-brew.


To get in contact with Geoff, send him an email at