With critical business outcomes at stake when undertaking your new technology project, how do you select the right firm?  How do you ensure that your new consulting partnership is not only technically suitable and value for money, but also a good culture fit for your organisation?

As industry-leading technology consultants, Sharing Minds believes that we have a different approach which helps give real answers to these questions. Sharing Minds takes a top down approach to the consulting process, establishing the business drivers, cost benefits and strategic road map before providing advice on recommended technology or process adoption.

Elements of Sharing Minds Consultation

When your organisation is looking to engage Sharing Minds as your consultants of choice, there are a few things you need to know:

Agile Development Process
Our consultancy process uses an Agile development process designed to create outcomes quickly through multiple 'Sprints' throughout the consulting process.

Managed Operational Delivery
Our consultancy process from large enterprise projects to smaller managed service or support contacts, all move through a process of Managed Operational Delivery (MOD) to ensure core tasks are defined monthly over a quarterly cycle (Confirm/Position/Lead).

Project Tools
With each consulting engagement, solutions are deployed using a standard set of tools, communication/reporting templates and responsibility matrix, ensuring a consistent and repeatable experience for each of our customers.

Our aim is to ensure the engagement meets the required outcome for your business whilst guaranteeing transparent communication from initial engagement through to project sign off.

'Why' is more important than 'What'!

When it comes to the process of implementing a new technology solution in your organisation it is important to know your drivers and desired outcomes, prior to looking for a solution or implementing a product.

Sharing Minds has worked with many different businesses over the years, in many industry sectors, and in every case our approach has been to understand the 'Why?' of the project.  This in turn drives the discovery and design requirements of the system, and ultimately leads to a successful implementation based upon a solid 'business needs' foundation.  In other words, our solutions are designed to wrap around, and underpin your business process, not the other way around.