Block Hours Consultancy


Get the blocks of consultancy hours you need to build the right solution

Modern solutions need modern commercial arrangements.

Our block hours model allows our clients to constantly redefine value throughout delivery.

Block hours are purchased in advance at a guaranteed rate - your desired outcomes are clearly forecast against your investment, and we’ll work collaboratively throughout delivery to continually adapt scope to meet the target cost. We see that changes to scope are a natural part of the innovative process, and that matters when you’re procuring services.

You’ll find that we won’t ever suggest fixed-price, fixed-scope work packages. This model isn’t conducive to modern innovation-led projects which need to embrace change, rather than suppress it.

Many of our clients also like to purchase block hours as a backup for those times they need expert support. Sometimes emergencies happen, bugs need fixing, updates need to be installed, and your on-site resources simply don’t have the time or the knowledge.

Rest assured that we are simply a phone call away.

Getting the right help

With the consumerisation of information technology, it has never been more critical to provide services to customers and staff that are more mobile, agile and intuitive to use.

Established in 2008, Sharing Minds has been working with organisations of all sizes throughout industries such as finance, mining, education, government and healthcare to enable collaboration, integration and productivity using SharePoint and other Microsoft technologies.

Using your block hours

Whenever you need technical advice, design assistance, implementation and general support, you’ll be able to draw down on your prepaid hours, and know that an expert consultant can help.

Block hours can be used as a standalone product for use at any time, on any project, or they can be purchased as part of a Statement of Work, and will have designated Service Level Agreement with guaranteed response times.

Some of the tasks we have performed using block hours:

  • Establishing a SharePoint Online tenancy

  • Security and identity configuration with the company domain

  • Building workflows which knit in with business goals

  • Provision of technical advice, support and training

Block hour packages

Whether you’re using block hours for a specific set of work packages, or as a backup for those times you think you’ll need expert advice, we can help find the right package for you.

Block hours are purchased in predefined groups and as the package gets larger, so does the the bulk discount. Our common package sizes are:

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Interested in purchasing your first block of consulting hours? Please contact us.

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