Accelerate your business with the Microsoft Cloud Expert at your side.

The Microsoft Cloud is your gateway to boosting productivity, igniting better collaboration, and achieving digital transformation.  Whether you're a Fortune 500 enterprise, government agency or small business, Office365 and SharePoint offer new ways to connect people across your organisation.  Still, there are plenty of challenges to face in the cloud.  Moving the right content off legacy systems and into the cloud isn't easy.  Your IT team is strapped for time and resources, and the threat of privacy and security violations is very real.  But there's no need to worry, because you don't have to go it alone.

As the Microsoft Cloud Expert, AvePoint accelerates the migration, management and protection of your Office365 and SharePoint content.  Whether you're fully in the cloud, on premises, or in a hybrid environment, their solutions have you covered.  


Over 15,000 companies and 5 million cloud users worldwide trust AvePoint to accelerate the migration, management, and protection of their Office 365 and SharePoint data. 

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