Damien Neale - CEO

A motivated, talented and high performing executive with nearly 20 years in the IT industry, Damien seeks to challenge the way in which business, government and enterprise view IT by increasing efficiency, revenue and scale through innovation and result-driven, programmatic thinking and execution.

Damien breaks through existing paradigms and traditional methodologies to drive constant improvement in customer engagement and success.  Couple this with his technical expertise and qualifications, and you'll discover a key thought leader atop the rapidly changing IT landscape.

Damien is highly adept in all facets of IT – from software and systems to architecture and cloud, disaster recovery, virtualisation, availability, business continuity and digital disruption. 

With IT evolving at such a rapid pace and innovation being the cornerstone of enterprise success and growth, Damien is dedicated to helping organisations embrace and successfully utilise the technologies that will best result in them driving their business forward, generating greater revenues and scale, and giving them the competitive edge they need to win.

Adam Clark - CTO

An experienced, passionate and talented executive and technologist with over 16 years' experience in the information management, collaboration and Information Technology industry, Adam is constantly seeking ways to help improve business process, and find new and innovative ways to utilise technology to achieve optimum business outcomes.

As the founder of Sharing Minds in 2008, Adam has lead the business through multiple phases of growth.  He is a natural leader bringing significant strength and innovative thinking to everything he puts his hand to.

Adam has excellent knowledge in many areas of IT and business with an ability to draw both together to ensure that technical and business outcomes mesh to form a cohesive outcome.  Adam's skills work to resolve complex problems in architecture, IT platforms, cloud solutions, Business Process Management, Business Continuity and digital disruption. Add to this Adam's formidable experience with Microsoft SharePoint and other associated platforms, and he is well versed to meet the challenge of the ever evolving technology landscape.


A driven, highly practiced technology executive with over 30 years’ experience providing technology guidance and vision to large corporate and SME organisations.  Ian is a results-oriented individual that gets the most from his teams and encourages individuals to aspire to be the best that they can be.

Always challenging the status quo, Ian continually seeks to improve the ways business and corporates utilise technology.  His character is to always be looking for mechanisms that drive efficiencies, reduce risk and eliminate costs, at the same time as increasing revenue.

Extending from his retail background, Ian has a strong customer service ethic, an attribute that flows through all of the teams he has managed over a lengthy career.  Ian insists upon honesty, integrity and passion, whether that is dealing with his staff, peers or clients and is well respected for his commitment to these attributes.

Ian holds a Masters Degree in Information Systems Management and has attended Executive Management training at Harvard Business School in Boston.  Ian is a thought leader in an ever changing technology landscape and has developed strategic plans and roadmaps for numerous organisations. 

In a world where technology is now changing almost hourly (let alone daily), Ian is dedicated to providing guidance and assistance to businesses of all shapes and sizes in setting their technology roadmap in motion.  


William Cornwill

William is a customer focused IT professional with over 20 years' experience, specialising in technical delivery, sales, presales and team leadership.  William has maintained varying roles from Developer, Analyst, Consultant, Project Manager, Sales and Business Development.  He has a deep technical background in content management systems including web content management, enterprise content, records management and business intelligence solutions.

As State Manager for Victoria, William has full P&L responsibility for operations in Victoria reporting directly to the CEO.  William is responsible for strategy, business development, operations, and delivery.  William’s role also requires him to build and grow strong working relationships with all levels of the Microsoft community.  This includes Microsoft itself, along with system integration partners and complementary software vendors.